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Apeiron [A-peer-on] was born to solve a common problem independent consultants face: too many coffee conversations. 

For many of us, coffee conversations are the primary way we network. Yet they take time, energy and often fall flat.

Discover a better
way with Apeiron.

We knew there had to be a better way, so we started with an idea and talked to dozens of fellow consultants. In those conversations, we found three primary challenges consultants faced that formed the basis of Apeiron:

  1. How to make meaningful, fruitful and enduring connections (well beyond a coffee conversation)
  2. Finding easy and affordable access to opportunities to develop personal and professional skills – and as a result to grow our business
  3. Find trusted collaborators to offer higher value to our clients and the potential for larger engagements or additional work

If you are an independent consultant, we suspect you may share these challenges. If so, come explore how Apeiron can help you connect, develop and collaborate.

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Participate freely in elegantly designed offerings that develop connection and create new business.

Weekly Professional Development

Join live as you can on Tuesdays at noon. Weekly for 60 minutes. Recordings are available.

Weekly Mobius Mentor Circles are built for three elegant functions: to continue improving the cumulative wisdom of each individual and the community of Apeiron, to more deeply understand each other, our personal strengths, and our unique offerings, and to bring awareness to opportunities for consultants to work together for their clients. 

Virtual Coffee Shop

Join live as you can on Wednesdays 8-10am. Weekly for two hours.

Apeiron’s Virtual Coffee Shop is an intentional, informal e-spot where any member can join fellow consultants to chat, collaborate, or create. Your virtual barista will be happy to share the “topic of the week”, or you can dive in with your own interests. So grab your cup of Jo, have a seat anywhere, and welcome to your new morning routine.

A Berkshire-Hathaway company in northern Indiana requested help with a software selection project in 2019.  One of the Apeiron Founders collaborated with another Apeiron member to deliver this project for $56,400 in fees. The successful delivery of this project resulted in the booking of an additional 11 projects totaling $823,000 in fees over 2 ½ years and involving at least two additional Apeiron members.

Apeiron put together a two-person team to design and facilitate a strategic Health Equity Summit for Purdue University – a $20,000 engagement. This has turned into a retainer agreement to provide consulting in developing a strategic plan for a new area of focus – and then to assist with the implementation of the plan. Additional Apeiron members have contributed to the project in their various subject matter expertise. This follow-on work is projected to be a $60,000 project.

Monthly Business Development Meet-Up 

Join in-person or virtually on the second Thursday of each month for interactive learning and more.  

Once a month, the Apeiron community and invited guests meet to develop business skills, deepen networking relationships, and step into their best businesses.

Our topics change monthly, so if you’re interested in exploring, reach out to see what’s on the schedule next! 

Explorer Ambassador

30 Days During Explorer Free Trial

Like in business, we are as successful as the people we surround ourselves with. For your first 30 days, you’ll be partnered with a member of Apeiron, your Explorer Ambassador, who will ensure you get a complete experience of Apeiron.

Defining Apeiron

The STARTedUP Foundation, a state-wide non-profit, needed a marketing strategy to focus their communications activity and identify areas of biggest impact. Through the relationships and trust built in Apeiron, Gustin Consulting teamed up with Elevate Online to create a prioritized marketing plan that encompassed a strategic vision for their future and transformed how they harnessed digital resources and messaging to reach their target audiences.  

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The Value of Apeiron

Your Investment: $300/Month*

Membership Credit Program:

As a group of professional independent consultants, we understand your time and skills are valuable. Apeiron offers many opportunities to earn Membership Credit, which can be applied to your member dues. These include:

  • Hosting Mobius Mentor Circles
  • Being a Virtual Barista
  • Becoming an Ambassador

*Paid on a Quarterly Basis. More information on payment and our Membership Credit Program will be shared during your Free Explorer Trial.

Give It A Try

We offer every consultant that is interested in learning more membership in Apeiron for one month. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Explorer Ambassador, have access to multiple offerings like the Mobius Mentor Circles and Virtual Coffee Shops, and participate in an Apeiron MeetUp alongside our members.

To begin your Explorer Program, please complete and submit the form.

Note: Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by an Apeiron member who get you the information you need to get started! 

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